AUG 21ST 2014 — Major Updating to Programming!!

Hello Everyone,

After a long absence I am pleased to announce that I am updating every single box I have ever sold to the NEW XBMC CALLED “GOTHAM









If you have any trouble using anything this will fix and improve!!

NOTABLY and among others:

  • Any Network issues– all wifi issues have been resolved. Works as good as an iPhone’s wifi now.
  • Any problems finding movies or buffering issues
  • Auto-updates from the newest software.

Contact me at to find out how to get your boxes updates!!




PS , in case you are wondering here is a list of boxes I support:

( TVedia 1st Gen, TVedia 2nd gen (MX) , Jynxbox M3, Jynbox M6, Apple TV 2nd Gen, Apple TV 1st gen, Pivos Xios, MINI-X and more just ask!)


PPS: I will soon be launching a new product for watching movies on a tablet! Will be sending email out soon enough with Youtube video demonstrations!!

For all of my Greek Friends

Hi everyone,

Check out my newest custom set-up.

All you greeks get your tzaziki and gyros ready because it’s MOVIE night.


Check out a glimpse of the programming:



If any of you would like to add the Greek programming to your current set-up

please contact us at:




Most of you have fell in love with 1Channel and for good reason!!


I have proof of that because my PHONE WAS OFF THE HOOK LAST NIGHT with people calling and texting me on how to fix 1Channel!!

As a consequence I decided to majorly overhaul the programming. I am sending out this mass-email to alert everyone using ONLY the  TVedia TV box (Android TV box)  that I am taking  appointments to have your boxes updated. (Note: this update will be FREE of charge)


The new set-up will make things much smoother, give you more alternatives to 1Channel and has a MUCH better and seemless maintenance feature. XUNITY is a can’t miss feauture!



Check out the demonstration in the YouTube video of the new set-up with all of it’s options.


For those of you with Apple TVs you can still get it updated just not remotely and it will cost 50$ per update (service via mail available). Alternatively, you can take advantage of my trade-in service . More on that in my previous blog post.

—> <–

For those of you with Jynxboxes, unfortunately there is no trade in service available but you can always come and get it reprogrammed for a 50$ fee as well. Service via mail also available.


For any questions email

Apple TV –> Tvedia

As stated in my previous blog post going forward I will only be supporting the TVedia TV box for easier updates.


If you’re still holding on to an Apple TV, you can still bring it to me in person to update for 50$ an Apple TV as usual. (Jynxboxes can be shipped to me also)


Now if you would like to upgrade to the latest box and benefit from the

  • All XBMC experience
  • Better remote
  • Be able to download content directly from the box
  • Be able to connect a keyboard and mouse

I’m offering a trade in service.

Send me your Apple TV with remote and power cord + 100$ in exchange you will receive a BRAND new Tvedia Tv box (aka Android TV box)

So far most of you that have upgraded are super happy about the upgrade.

Photo Oct 21, 11 07 23 AM

Introducing the TVedia TV Box

As my most recent customers know I have been selling exclusively the TVedia TV box A.K.A Android TV box.


This box is the best and most user friendly XBMC experience. Why?

  • The box loads directly into XBMC so it goes directly to the good stuff and is easy if you want something to work directly out of the box (who doesn’t???)
  • You can download Movies and TV shows directly from the box!
  • Wireless keyboards and mice can be hooked up into any one of the 4 USB ports! So searching for movies in 1channel just became that much easier. No more on screen keyboard typing letter by letter
  • The stock remote boasts a FULL NUMBER KEYPAD, an ON/OFF button, FF/RW Pause, Volume Control.  For those of you with Apple TV remotes or Jynxbox Remotes I’m sure this sounds amazing compare to the 3-4 button remotes you got used to.

Finally the last and probably most important feature is that wherever you are in the world I will be able to remotely update your boxes!

This was not possible with the Apple TV or Jynxbox. Sure it’s alright if you live in Montreal and bring it to me but for the most of you in the US and my faithful customers in Alberta and BC this will save you a lot of money on shipping and you’ll be able to watch your favorite tv shows and movies in 30 minutes versus waiting more than 2 weeks!




Forum for Questions & Answers

If you have any questions whatsoever there is a good chance the somebody else will benefit from your answer!

Need to know why your Wifi is not connecting?

How to access international content? Greek, Pinoy etc?

Best Add-On to watch tonight’s UFC PPV event??


Just ask on our community Forum @


See you inside!

ps. For those of you too lazy to read the link is


Welcome to my blog – 1st post

Just wanted to use a couple of words to welcome you to my blog. The TVedia TV box blog.

This whole thing started that one faithful day when my uncle asked me to program his Apple Tv 2nd Generation.

I thought ” what a drag” .

…when I finished customizing his Apple TV (expecting nothing in return) my uncle handed me a 50$ bill.

I realized that was easy. Easier then spending a week slaving away in a law office for 250$ as an intern. that took me all of 25 minutes!!

I guess it’s true what they say, do something that you are passionate about and it won’t feel like work!!


I am firm believer that the big telecom companies providing our North American countries with Cable and Satellite are thieves. The amount they charge per month is outrageous and most of the time the same channels are available 100% free elsewhere. The only problem is that people don’t know where to look!


The revolution towards freeing ourselves from these big telecom companies has started!!

I am not the pioneer as people have been fighting the good fight for some time now but if I can change the lives of just the few that would like to hop on board my crusade I will have achieved my goal!

As a very wise man once said:

“It’s better to make a few people really happy than to make a lot of people semi-happy.”

- Paul Graham