Apple TV –> Tvedia

As stated in my previous blog post going forward I will only be supporting the TVedia TV box for easier updates.


If you’re still holding on to an Apple TV, you can still bring it to me in person to update for 50$ an Apple TV as usual. (Jynxboxes can be shipped to me also)


Now if you would like to upgrade to the latest box and benefit from the

  • All XBMC experience
  • Better remote
  • Be able to download content directly from the box
  • Be able to connect a keyboard and mouse

I’m offering a trade in service.

Send me your Apple TV with remote and power cord + 100$ in exchange you will receive a BRAND new Tvedia Tv box (aka Android TV box)

So far most of you that have upgraded are super happy about the upgrade.

Photo Oct 21, 11 07 23 AM


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