Introducing the TVedia TV Box

As my most recent customers know I have been selling exclusively the TVedia TV box A.K.A Android TV box.


This box is the best and most user friendly XBMC experience. Why?

  • The box loads directly into XBMC so it goes directly to the good stuff and is easy if you want something to work directly out of the box (who doesn’t???)
  • You can download Movies and TV shows directly from the box!
  • Wireless keyboards and mice can be hooked up into any one of the 4 USB ports! So searching for movies in 1channel just became that much easier. No more on screen keyboard typing letter by letter
  • The stock remote boasts a FULL NUMBER KEYPAD, an ON/OFF button, FF/RW Pause, Volume Control.  For those of you with Apple TV remotes or Jynxbox Remotes I’m sure this sounds amazing compare to the 3-4 button remotes you got used to.

Finally the last and probably most important feature is that wherever you are in the world I will be able to remotely update your boxes!

This was not possible with the Apple TV or Jynxbox. Sure it’s alright if you live in Montreal and bring it to me but for the most of you in the US and my faithful customers in Alberta and BC this will save you a lot of money on shipping and you’ll be able to watch your favorite tv shows and movies in 30 minutes versus waiting more than 2 weeks!





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