Most of you have fell in love with 1Channel and for good reason!!


I have proof of that because my PHONE WAS OFF THE HOOK LAST NIGHT with people calling and texting me on how to fix 1Channel!!

As a consequence I decided to majorly overhaul the programming. I am sending out this mass-email to alert everyone using ONLY the  TVedia TV box (Android TV box)  that I am taking  appointments to have your boxes updated. (Note: this update will be FREE of charge)


The new set-up will make things much smoother, give you more alternatives to 1Channel and has a MUCH better and seemless maintenance feature. XUNITY is a can’t miss feauture!



Check out the demonstration in the YouTube video of the new set-up with all of it’s options.


For those of you with Apple TVs you can still get it updated just not remotely and it will cost 50$ per update (service via mail available). Alternatively, you can take advantage of my trade-in service . More on that in my previous blog post.

—> http://tvedia.com/blog/2013/10/apple-tv-tvedia/ <–

For those of you with Jynxboxes, unfortunately there is no trade in service available but you can always come and get it reprogrammed for a 50$ fee as well. Service via mail also available.


For any questions email info@TVedia.com


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