AUG 21ST 2014 — Major Updating to Programming!!

Hello Everyone,

After a long absence I am pleased to announce that I am updating every single box I have ever sold to the NEW XBMC CALLED “GOTHAM









If you have any trouble using anything this will fix and improve!!

NOTABLY and among others:

  • Any Network issues– all wifi issues have been resolved. Works as good as an iPhone’s wifi now.
  • Any problems finding movies or buffering issues
  • Auto-updates from the newest software.

Contact me at to find out how to get your boxes updates!!




PS , in case you are wondering here is a list of boxes I support:

( TVedia 1st Gen, TVedia 2nd gen (MX) , Jynxbox M3, Jynbox M6, Apple TV 2nd Gen, Apple TV 1st gen, Pivos Xios, MINI-X and more just ask!)


PPS: I will soon be launching a new product for watching movies on a tablet! Will be sending email out soon enough with Youtube video demonstrations!!