We’ve compiled a short list of frequently asked questions in order to hopefully answer some of the concerns you may have. Please take the time to read through this page and the rest of our site in order to achieve a greater insight into our business and products.

Does this device ever need to be updated?
Updates should take place automatically on your device without you ever realizing, however with any modified electronic device, sometimes certain support is required, in which case we will provide you .

What channels will I get access to?
You’ll be able to watch pretty much any movie or television show ever made about an hour after it’s aired on television, or on average two weeks after it is released in theatres. It is also possible to access quite a large number of live television channels as well.

How long does it take on average for tonight’s episode to appear in the system?
The more popular shows will be available on average about one hour after they’ve aired, while less popular shows could take up to three hours.

How is this legal?
Basically all this device is doing is linking to content already available on online web sites, and according to the laws of pretty much any democratic country worldwide, linking is not participation in the purpose to which the link refers.

It is entirely legal and doesn’t circumvent anyone’s proprietary systems, meaning you aren’t hacking into anyone’s security, so there isn’t really the possibility of being locked out. You’re basically accessing web sites that are available to anyone online.

What are the internet connection requirements?
Pretty much any high speed internet connection will work just fine. As far as data transfer limits go, the cheapest internet packages contain at least 30 GB of transfer, which for most people should be more than enough.

My television doesn’t have HDMI, can I still use your device?
The answer is yes, but you’ll need to purchase a HDMI to RCA converter..

What’s the difference between your devices and those sold by others for cheaper?
When it comes to any free television product, support is needed sooner or later. Other people selling these devices are just trying to make a quick buck, not provide a long lasting service. This is all we do.

Can I airplay from Apple Device (Ipod Touch, Iphone, Mac) ?

Yes you can! It's as easy as clicking on the airplay link on your idevice and choosing the TVedia TV box

Can you watch live sports and pay per view events?
You shouldn’t have a problem accessing most American and European sporting events.

I’m interested in Arabic or International channels, what have you got for me?
You’ll be able to access hundreds of international channels using several addons that are preinstalled to every device we sell. You’ll be able to access them live in very good quality most of the time.

What about French language content?
Every device has the ability to access quite a bit of French content from Quebec and France, including Radio Canada, Canal+, M6, and W9, with more addons currently in the works.

Can we set parental controls on Adult Content?
You can enable or disable adult content as you wish, so that you can keep it away from your children. We never enable it by default as we’re never sure where the device will be installed, but it can easily be installed within seconds.


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